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The Dark Days of Me and Him

So here it goes!  I decided (during some kind of crazy brain fever) to write a book over the course of 2012 and publish chapters a couple of times a month, allowing readers to comment and discuss and influence the direction a little.  More like a television than a book.  If I make a wrong turn, I'll have to live with that choice and figure out how to make it work for the rest of the story.  

I also decided to put up a section for writers.  A place to post my thoughts on writing it, and show people my dirty first drafts.  Maybe talk about why I made changes, and get some feedback along the way.  I'm really excited and nervous to do this.  It usually takes me months to go from first drafts to anything resembling finished, but with this, it's like 2 weeks from start to finish, every two weeks for the next 11 months.  

Oh, and it's all free.

It's kind of nutty and a little crazy but I'm excited and think this is going to be one hell of a story.

Without further rambling, www.thedarkdays.com is live.  

A Tale of Two Parties

 I'm so excited to finally be able to announce my second book deal :

I'm so totally psyched to get to continue working with my editor at Simon Pulse. All my Pulse peeps rock. I'm also over the moon that I get to keep writing. This whole thing is a dream that I don't ever want to wake up from.


Belated Thanksgiving

I admit it, I let the holiday blues overtake me. Those who know me know that I battle depression. Over the years I've learned how to recognize it and deal with it. This, unfortunately, was one of those times. Instead of wallowing though, I shut off my phone, kept my internetting to a minimum, and settled into some movies and books.

The best movies I saw were 500 Days of Summer (so cute and true!), Zombieland (awesome), Jennifer's Body (not the Megan Fox boobfest I'd expected), and then cried my way through Bridge to Terrabithia. Oh, and I saw The Hangover, which I've decided is really just Dude, Where's My Car for 30 somethings. It was funny though.

Now that I'm free of the depression, I've been taking the time to look at the good things. Like, I may not be able to move this year like I'd wanted (still crossing my fingers for next summer!) but I get Rach and Graeme and Daniel for like 3 whole months! That's like winning the lottery.

Let's see. My mom's health is somewhat stabilized. The $1500 I had to spend on my car means I can't go to TN for Christmas, but instead I've gotten tickets to see Amanda Palmer in Orlando. Also, I have my San Diego Comicon tickets. I finished a book! A freaking whole book! This was a rough year for finishing, but I'm finally starting to find my balance. I finished UNDO Button, a really fun MG novel, and I'm working on a proposal for a wacky road trip book for my editor. Both, really awesome things.

Um, I'm healthy, and getting healthier. Today I began a 30 week program to prep me to run a marathon. The last time I tried this, I had no plan, but this time I've got a plan created by a professional. It's challenging but easy enough that someone as out of shape as me can do it. By the end of this I'll be able to run 26 miles! So there's that. Maxx is awesome. A little neurotic and a lot crazy, but good. I'm seriously thinking about getting him a cat for companionship. But I'm not really a cat person so I have to think about it.

So, yeah. I'm thankful for lots of stuff. Especially all of my friends.

Amanda Palmer in Orlando

So now that the Thanksgiving depression is over and I can get back to normal, I wanted to let everyone know that Sunday, December 13th, Amanda Palmer (for whom I've declared my love of many times on the blog) is playing a how in Orlando at The Social. It was a last minute addition to appease her Florida fans. The venue is supposedly very small and it's at 4 in the afternoon (which works for me since I have to work Monday morning!). Anyway, tickets were only $15 so I bought two. If anyone's going to be in Orlando and/or wants to go with, let me know. It promises to be insane.

Happy Thanksgiving

I was going to do this post about all the things I was thankful for, but then I saw this and well, I'm thankful for this:

Deathday Letter Cover

So I'm totally ecstatic.  I got the final cover and permission to show it off.  Here it is:



Hey all! If I owe anyone a reply to a post or a post or anything, I'm really sorry! I only have internet at work right now and things are busy, so I'm super-behind.

I'll be back on the internets next week so until then I'm sorry if I'm a little quiet :)


Dave Matthews and the Apocalypse

So this was my first Dave Matthews concert and it didn't disappoint. It was freaking fantastic. It was a cool mix of old and new songs. I went with Angie. She isn't a huge fan and got annoyed when they jammed for fifteen minutes during Jimi Thing, but I just ignored it and soaked up the songs. Really great stuff. The two highlights for me were when they covered Burning Down the House, and when they closed the show with Grey Street. It was really special. Here's the set list and some video and pics.

Funny The Way It Is
So Damn Lucky
Why I Am
You Might Die Trying
Crash Into Me
Typical Situation
Burning Down The House (Talking Heads cover)
Jimi Thing
Shake Me Like a Monkey
Alligator Pie
Dancing Nancies
You & Me
Time Bomb
Little Thing (tease)
Grey Street

The apocalypse refers to the two tropical systems that may or may not be bearing down on me later this week. As of now we're in the cone of death, but Ana and future Bill may peter out. I could stand a nice cat 1 hurricane. It would give me some nice writing time :)

Time for a Revolution

This post might get long. It's going to be about how I'm going to change my life and start living the life I want to live. It's the first post of the beginning of a long journey. If you want to follow along, hit the cut.

I'm just going to cut to the chase: I'm not living the life I want to live.

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